Author’s fee

For the publication of an article in the journal “Science without Borders” and its placement in the open access, an author’s fee is charged. It represents compensation for the costs of the journal’s editors for publishing the collection. Readers receive free, unlimited access to the full text of published articles.

The author can pay the fee using personal funds, grants or partner organizations. It is paid after the article is accepted for publication, that is, the author will receive a positive opinion from the reviewers and the Editorial Board on the compliance of materials and their publication in the current issue of “Science without Borders”.

Maximum price

The highest commission may be charged to the author for the full list of services, as well as taking into account the volume of the manuscript and the number of printed copies of the journal, ordering one or more printed versions of the journal, assigning DOI and for the publication itself. The fact that it is impossible to designate a single price, because the number of printed versions of the journal necessary for the author is known.

Discounts and refusal to publish

All scientific materials that were submitted for publication in the journal “Science without Borders” are subject to mandatory review. After checking and reviewing the manuscript, the author is obliged to pay the author’s fee within the time period specified by the Editorial Board. Publication discounts are not available.

If the article does not meet the requirements of the journal, then it cannot be accepted for publication and the author’s fee is not paid.

  1. 17 Other fees

The journal “Aspect Law” is published with a frequency of 6 issues per year. After receiving a positive response about the publication of the article, the author is obliged to pay the author’s fee, which includes:

  1. Placement of the author’s scientific article in the RSCI E-library system – free.
  2. Assignment of DOI to each issue of the magazine – free.
  3. Placement of an article in the printed version of the journal “Science without Borders” – free.
  4. Verification of the manuscript by the Editorial Board and reviewing – free.
  5. Placing an electronic version of the article on the journal’s website as open access – free.
  6. Publication of the collection of works in printed form – paid, if it’s necessary to have a printed version of the journal to the author and co-authors. The payment does not depend on the number of co-authors, but their maximum number should not exceed three people.

Publication price:

  1. Publication of an article in the electronic collection of “Science without Borders” –
  2. Printed copy of “Science without Borders” –
  3. Assignment of DOI to an article (optional) –
  4. Delivery of a printed copy by mail (to any country) – free
  5. Reviewing the manuscript – free
  6. Accommodation in the RSCI – free